Setting the World Ablaze: St. Catherine of Siena

Here women are transported to the fourteenth century when Catherine made her entrance into a world beset by the plague and roiled in unrest within political and ecclesiastical circles. In her mere 33 years she left such a rich legacy that she is named a Doctor of the Church. She is best known for The ... Read More

Aquinas for Beginners, Part II: The Virtues

What are the virtues and how do I make them part of my everyday life?  Here in the second part of our series on St. Thomas Aquinas, we explore what this great saint had to say on the subject of the virtues, natural and supernatural, and teaches us which are the greatest and why.  He ... Read More

Aquinas for Beginners, Part I: A Tour of the Summa

How do I know Church teaching is true – and how do I defend it?   Endow is dedicated to the promotion of a “new feminism” based on the teachings of Pope John Paul II. John Paul II drew much of his understanding of the human person from the work of St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). As ... Read More

Discover Your Dignity, Parts I and II

Part I:  How has God created me in His image – and what does that mean for my life as a Catholic woman? Part II:  How does my life ultimately fit into God’s plan? Part I leads a woman from conception through mid-life and Part II leads a woman from mid-life through preparation for eternal life.  In keeping ... Read More

God Is Love (Deus Caritas Est)

What are the different types of love – and how do they apply to God’s relationship with me as His Daughter?  With Pope Benedict XVI the Church is gifted with another pontiff who brings his unique voice and theological gifts to the printed page. In his first encyclical, God Is Love, promulgated on Christmas Day, 2005, ... Read More

Letter to Women

What is the New Feminism – and what does the Church’s teaching about being a woman mean for my life?  In Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Women, he upholds their special place in the family, the Church and the world.  Whenever people gather to discuss what ails humanity, the voice of the Church should ... Read More

Mother of the Redeemer (Redemptoris Mater)

Who can I look to as the most perfect model of femininity, virtue, and discipleship?   For many women in the world, Mary is a living person, close to everyday problems and sorrows.  She is a very important presence in their lives; they live with Mary day by day and look to her through the difficulties of ... Read More

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering (Salvifici Doloris)

How do I find consolation and purpose in life when things go wrong?  Suffering is something which we will all experience in our lives.  When we suffer in union with Christ, it can be a source of innumerable graces and blessings, a powerful means through which our lives are transformed and made holy.  We saw ... Read More

Light of the Nations: The Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium)

How can I understand the reality of Christ’s Church – her origins, her mission, her message?  Light of the Nations: The Constitution on the Church  (Lumen Gentium) is one of the 16 documents produced at the Second Vatican Council. It provides the blueprint for an authentic understanding of the Church – its purpose, origins, structure, ... Read More

Of Human Life (Humane Vitae)

How do I express dignity and make life-giving choices in the everyday experience of marriage and family? Nearly 40 years ago, in the summer of 1968, Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical Of Human Life (Humanae Vitae). It was the seventh encyclical in the sixth year of his pontificate, and although he reigned for another ten years, ... Read More

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