Edith Stein:  Seeker of Truth- Many Endow women would identify themselves as seekers on a quest for truth, just as Edith Stein was.  She was a German Jewish philosopher whose search for truth led to her conversion to Catholicism and later into her vocation as a Carmelite nun until her martyr’s death at Auschwitz.  Upon entrance into religious life, Edith took the name Teresa Benedicta a Cruce (Teresa, Blessed of the Cross).  John Paul II, himself a philosopher and well-acquainted with the thought and writings of Edith Stein, recognized her example of holiness and canonized her in 1998.  Here are the Holy Father’s words spoken in his homily, on that occasion:

The love of Christ was the fire that inflamed the life of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.  Long before she realized it, she was caught by this fire.  At the beginning she devoted herself to freedom.  For a long time, Edith Stein was a seeker. Her mind never tired of searching, and her heart always yearned for hope.  She traveled the arduous path of philosophy with passionate enthusiasm.  Eventually she was rewarded; she seized the truth.  Or rather, she was seized by it.  Then she discovered that truth had a name: Jesus Christ.  From that moment on, the Incarnate Word was her One and All.

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Author – Dr. Elizabeth A. Mitchell
Dr. Elizabeth A. Mitchell is the Dean of Students and Director of Development at Trinity Academy in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, whose doctoral dissertation was on Edith Stein. 

Contributing Authors – Sr. Prudence Allen, RSM and Dr. Terry Wright, Ph.D.
Both Sr. Prudence Allen and Dr. Wright are professors at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, CO.