Jenny Uebbing

Off the Charts: Resources for Actually Living the NFP Lifestyle

Q: Have you ever struggled with the Catholic Church’s teachings on sex - specifically, our Catholic belief that contraception is immoral and harmful to a healthy marriage?

A: I have.

And in the past ten years that I’ve been writing and speaking about and living the experience of getting what I profess with my lips to sync up with what I believe in my heart about the Church’s vision for sex and marriage, I’ve met hundreds of other women who struggle similarly.

Because resisting the overwhelming cultural deluge of what the world believes about sex and clinging to the truth of what Christ tells us about sex - about ourselves - is not easy.

It’s a beautiful, messy, sacrifice-filled journey, and my great hope is to create a little bit of space for community, accompaniment, and an easy answer to point to when someone asks “can you recommend any resources for actually living the NFP lifestyle?”

Because that is hands-down the most frequent question I get in my inbox, DMs, blog comments, and good old fashioned Q&As after speaking engagements.

People are hungry for knowledge, for resources, and for community.

That’s where Off the Charts comes in.

What is Off the Charts, exactly? It’s a membership community, a platform for interaction and continuing education and accompaniment for people who are living the NFP lifestyle according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and trying to grow, stretch, and be stretched by His grace and mercy.

The vision for Off the Charts is beyond NFP instruction and catechesis: over and over again, the most frequent thing I hear from the countless women and couples and even pastors whom I’ve talked NFP shop with is this: a desire for community, for support, and for practical resources to live the NFP lifestyle successfully.

If you are someone who is wrestling with NFP and how it fits into your marriage, someone who is struggling under the weight of it all, then Off the Charts for you.

  • For the woman who feels alone and misunderstood in her medical provider’s office, but practices NFP anyway.
  • For pastors and catechists and NFP instructors who are trying to equip their couples with the why of NFP, not just the how, who are laboring to create a culture of life and love in their communities against long odds and small budgets,
  • For new moms - and old moms - who feel overwhelmed and confused by the different seasons and stages of fertility, who can’t seem to find a method that works from season to season and baby to baby, but who press on with NFP anyway,
  • For newlyweds, the newly engaged, or anyone who is striving to learn and grow in NFP knowledge and best practices; the stuff that goes beyond methods and apps and biology, the stuff that nobody really talks about, and that nobody thought to give you a heads up about...

This community is for you. The accompaniment, the ongoing formation in the practical, spiritual, relational, financial, and emotional aspects of Natural Family Planning - not just the stuff of specific methods and charts and apps, but resources for the rest of your life, all of which is touched by NFP…this is for you.

What can you expect?

Digital and written content including live and streaming workshops covering topics like: communication between spouses, building trust + intimacy outside the bedroom, finding help, hiring the right provider, breaking up with a “bad” method, setting your NFP budget, discerning openness to life, and more.

Access to our exclusive “ask a priest” portal where members can submit anonymous questions about moral issues each month and receive thoughtful, orthodox answers from Off the Charts’ theological advisor.

Access to a library of foundational curriculum, accessible for the lifetime of your membership, covering everything from the theological and philosophical basis of NFP to the discrete seasons and experiences a typical user might face in their fertility journey.

Content that will be delivered digitally, including streaming in-person live events, so you’ll never need to find a sitter, book a flight, or carve time out of your workday or away from your family or parish.

Resources that are always in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The door is enthusiastically open to all NFP users and seekers of goodwill, but Off the Charts will be operating from a Catholic worldview and in continual reference to Catholic morality and beliefs.

So if you’re ready for more than survival mode, if you’re searching for your community, if you’re wondering where to begin - or where to begin again - Off the Charts is for you.

Doors open officially in September. Click here for more information and to join the waitlist.

Jenny Uebbing is the author of the popular blog Mama Needs Coffee covering topics of sex, life, marriage, culture, and the Catholic Church. She is a revert to Catholicism with a deep love for the Faith and a desire to grow in knowledge and understanding of what we believe, and why.

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